sketch of Bob above the Coconut Cake recipe.

I just prepare 2 white cake mixes (Duncan Hines) and use enough batter to make 3 nine inch layers (left-over batter can be made into cupcakes). However, you need to add 1 t. of coconut extract to each box when mixing. Then I make the 7 minute icing (recipe is readily available in most cookbooks or on line). However, I also add 1 t. of coconut extract to the frosting at the end of the beating time. When the frosting is done, I stir in about 4 c. of shredded coconut. This coconut-laden frosting is then used to fill and frost the cake. THEN, additional coconut is pressed onto the top and sides of the frosted cake until it looks like a giant snowball! Beautiful! Hint: This method will require shredding at least 4 fresh coconuts. If you want a shortcut, the 4 c.; of coconut that gets mixed into the frosting can be flaked coconut purchased in a bag at the grocery store. Then you only need to shred enough fresh coconut to go on the outside of the cake (2 fresh coconuts is enough, if they are both good!). One final thought, this cake is better when it is baked and allowed to "age" in the refrigerator for a day, or even two days before serving. It just gets more moist and delicious as it sits.

Coconut Cake recipe is published in our February, 2010 Menu Minder, Issue #316.