sketch of Bob above Victor Lim's Plum Sauce recipe.

Victor Lim's was one of Detroit's favorite Downtown Chinese restaurants. Many of you that remember Lim's will be very happy to have the plum sauce recipe from Lim's. We have a make-a-like plum sauce that was given to us back in 2006 that was like Victor Lim's, this is suppose to be the Lim's recipe. Happy egg rolling!

PLUM SAUCE (From Victor Lim’s)

2 T. plum preserves
4 T. cider vinegar
2 T. sugar
1 T. hot powdered, dry mustard

Mix all plum sauce ingredients ingredients together and serve over hot egg rolls.

Victor Lim's Plum Sauce recipe is published in our March, 2009 Menu Minder, Issue #305.