sketch of Bob above the Vegetarian Casserole recipe.

This is a very nice vegetarian casserole recipe stuffed with acorn squash, carrots, apples, sweet potatoes and onion. You may consider serving this veggie casserole at your holiday meal, as more often than not, there will be a vegetarian at the dinner table. And if not here a great tasting, healthy dish to serve anyway!


1 acorn squash, seeded, peeled and cubed
3 carrots, cubed
4 small (or 2 large) Jonathan or red delicious apples cored and cubed
1 sweet potato, peeled and cubed
1 small to medium onion, coarsely chopped
1 can of vegetable broth
1 1/2 c. of soy milk + 3 T. flour
1 T. dried parsley
1/2 T. dried basil
garlic powder to taste (or 1-2 cloves minced)
3 T. melted butter

Combine squash, carrots, apples, sweet potato and onion in a rectangular casserole dish. Pour the melted butter over the top and mix well. Combine broth, soy milk and spices and pour over the top of the veggie mixture making sure to stir fairly well. Cover the vegetarian casserole with foil (or a cookie sheet) and bake in a 375° oven for 1 hour.
(serves: 4-5)

Vegetarian Casserole recipe is published in our November, 2008 Menu Minder, Issue #301.