sketch of Bob above the Vanilla Wafer Pie Crust recipe.

Pie crust recipes are easy to make. Why buy the pre-made pie crusts at the grocery store, you can't pronounce half of the ingredients in them anyway? Some Nabisco vanilla wafers, sugar and butter, and 15-20 minutes time, you have a home made pie crust that will taste better than any store bought crust and doesn't contain all the preservatives. Use up that box of vanilla wafers and make this easy vanilla wafer pie crust recipe.


40 Nabisco vanilla wafers (Finely rolled)
1 T. sugar
1/4 c. butter or margarine (melted)

Thoroughly blend wafer crumbs, sugar and melted butter. Press into an even layer against the bottom and up the sides of a (9 inch) pie plate. Bake the pie crust in a preheated 375° oven for 6-8 minutes. Cool the pie crust before filling.

Vanilla Wafer Pie Crust recipe is published in our May, 2002 Menu Minder.