pencil sketch of Bob above the recipe for a Barbie doll cake.


Wash a Barbie doll. Wrap the part you'll put inside the cake with plastic wrap or aluminum foil then spray with non-stick spray. Bake a sponge or angel food cake in a bowl the size you want the "hoop skirt" to be (the cake will go around the Barbie Doll). Cool cake, invert and cut a small hole in the top. Insert the wrapped Barbie doll inside the hole. Frost and decorate in the fashion style you like. You can also do this using cupcakes and smaller dolls as gifts. You might try using a Bundt cake mold too (they quite often already have a pattern on them). Slice the cake from the center and cut out (like a wedding cake) Try using different tips (like the star) to decorate using a pastry bag filled with colored frosting.

Recipe for the Barbie Doll Cake is published in our April, 2002 Menu Minder.

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