sketch of Bob above the Appetizer Spred Or Dip recipe.

It was called in as Mama's Mash but it is a very easy appetizer spread or dip recipe using those tiny Vienna sausages, grated cheese, chopped pickles and good 'ole Miracle Whip. As an appetizer it can really "sits on a Ritz" but it's great on those little rounds of party bread or appetizer sandwiches too. What ever you want to call it, it tastes great!

MAMA'S MASH (Appetizer Spread Or Dip)

1 can Vienna sausages drained
1 c. grated American cheese
1 T. grated or finely chopped dill or sweet pickle
Miracle Whip

With a fork, mash a can of Vienna sausages. Add grated cheese and pickle. Add enough Miracle Whip to make it into a spreadable texture. You can use the spread on crackers, party bread or on sandwiches. If you add more Miracle Whip it makes a dip!

Appetizer Spread Or Dip recipe is published in our April, 2001 Menu Minder.