TUNA FRENCHIE Like The King's Food Host Restaurants (Gloria Pitzer)

1 can (4 oz.) tuna packed in spring water, drained and all liquid pressed out
1 T. Miracle Whip
2 T. real mayonnaise
1 t. dry minced onion
1 T. sweet pickle relish
6 slices bread, white, whole wheat or rye
2 beaten eggs
1/3 c. milk
pinch salt
1/4 lb. butter or margarine
2 T. oil

Combine the first 5 ingredients to make the filling and set aside. Arrange bread slices on working surface and beat eggs, milk and salt in a shallow bowl. Melt butter with oil in a roomy skillet (don't let the butter turn brown). Divide filling between half of bread slices and place remaining slices on top. Heat the oil over medium high heat. Dip each sandwich into egg mixture, coating both sides well and transfer between 2 pancake turners or spatulas to the oil. Brown (this happens quickly so watch it). Turn the sandwich over using the spatulas to secure each sandwich. Brown the other side and remove to a paper towel to drain. Cut in half and serve quickly.
(makes 3 generous sandwiches)

Originally in our March, 2001. Menu Minder

Tuna Frenchies Sandwich recipe is also published in our October, 2008 Menu Minder, Issue #300.