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Beat together equal parts of boxed pancake mix and club soda til smooth (try for the consistency of buttermilk).

Spread slices of bread with butter, a bit of mayonnaise and a dab of mustard. Top with 2-3 thin slices of Monterey Jack or American or Swiss or any combination of cheeses. Add thinly sliced tomato. Secure sandwich together using toothpicks and spray both sides of bread with Pam. Dip the sandwich in the batter to lightly coat. Let the excess batter drip off. Brown both sides in about 1 inch of hot oil in a large skillet til golden. When you brown the other side secure the sandwich between 2 pancake turners to keep it from falling apart. Work carefully, but quickly. Drain on paper toweling. Cut in half and serve promptly with bottled seafood cocktail sauce.

January, 2001, Menu Minder


We received an e-mail from Van in Tulsa about the Frenchie sandwiches that Gloria Pitzer gave to us a few years back. Here’s what Van had to add:
I worked for Kings Food Host in Tulsa in 1976-77 and they only used Mayo in the Cheese Frenchie...not mustard. I tried to get them to make it this way but they the cheese frenchie was always made only with mayo. The Owner was Vollie Turner. Kings Food host Tulsa owner that I worked for. No mustard only Mayo.  And it was all deep fried at one time...not side to side. The whole thing cooked at one time like the bread on the old Wesson oil commercials...Thought you might like the input  Van. Thanks Van.

Cheese Frenchie Sandwich recipe is published in our October, 2008 Menu Minder, Issue #300.

UPDATE FOR CHEESE FRENCHIES (from a listener in Atlanta)

 I was a cook there in the early seventies and made many of these.

For 1 cheese Frenchie:

2 slices of bread (crusts removed)
French dressing
American cheese slices (we actually used Kraft slices)

Spread mayo on each slice of bread just enough to coat it.
Place one slice of cheese between the slices.
Cut the sandwich diagonally.
After the sandwich is frozen solid, dip in French dressing and coat with cracker crumbs.
When ready to eat deep fry til the crust is golden brown!

Cheese Frenchie Update #2 is published in our November, 2008 Menu Minder, Issue #301.