sketch of Bob above the 7 layer Taco Dip and Guacamole recipe.

A great 2 for 1 appetizer recipe. A super 7 layer taco dip recipe with a easy recipe for guacamole. Let the games begin!

TACO DIP (Jane's)

To 2 cans of refried beans add 1/2 c. chopped onions and 2 T. chopped cilantro. Spread out on the bottom of a (9x13 inch) glass casserole dish. Add guacamole over the bean mixture (the guacamole recipe folloes below). Spread 1 (8 oz.) container of sour cream over the guacamole. Top with 1 (15 oz.) jar of salsa. Sprinkle with 1 pkg. (2 cups) "taco" shredded cheese. Garnish with chopped green onions and sliced black olives. Chill and serve with taco chips.

Peal and seed 2 avocados. Mash in bowl with 1 T. fresh cilantro, 1/4 c. chopped onions, 1 t. salt, 1/4 t. pepper and 1/8 t. cayenne pepper.

Note: Jane doesn't use lemon juice in her guacamole. You can substitute store bought as well.

Taco Dip and Guacamole recipe is published in our July, 1999 Menu Minder.