sketch of Bob above the Salmon Loaf With Egg Sauce recipe.

The salmon loaf with egg sauce was Bob's favorite dish at Ann Sayles restaurant. We got the restaurant size (large) and then Dad reduced the recipe to home size (small). So for the home you use 1 pound of salmon and for the quanity size you use 6 pounds of salmon. How ever you do it please let Bob know when you're serving it so he can come by for lunch or dinner.

(Ann Sayles Restaurant Royal Oak, MI.)

Small                               Large

5 slices                        1 1/4 loaves bread
1 c.                             1/3 gal. milk
5                                 30 eggs, seperated
1 can (1 lb.)                 6 cans red "sockeye" salmon

Mix bread, milk and yolks (put egg whites in a separate mixing bowl). Add juice from salmon. Add skinned and boned salmon and mix (make sure there are no lumps). Beat egg whites til fluffy and add to salmon mixture; mix. Place in meatloaf pans, cover, place in pan of water and cook 375° for 40-60 minutes, til golden brown. Serve with egg sauce on top.


Small                               Large

10 oz.                         1/2 gal. milk Add enough cornstarch to make a roux.
Then add:
1                                4 hard boiled eggs, crumbled.
2 t.                             4 T. egg shade food color.

Mix. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and stir til thickened.

Salmon Loaf With Egg Sauce recipe is published in our February, 2000 Menu Minder.