Some people tend to remember the Machus Red Fox restaurant as the last place Jimmy Hoffa was seen. We prefer to remember that wonderful Machus Salad with the crumbled bacon and huge chunks of Roquefort blue cheese served on chilled plates with the Red Fox Salad Dressing. We had a neighbor call us and request the Machus dressing recipe...a little while later someone from the Red Fox called us with their recipe! They say the greatest restaurant recipes are based on simple recipes and great fresh ingredients. The Red Fox dressing recipe was VERY simple and always great:

(As phoned in from Machus Restaurant)

1/4 c. salad oil or peanut oil
1/3 c. white vinegar
1/3 c. sugar
2 t. salt (or use less if desired)

Combine all ingredients and chill. Use on salad and toss well. Add crumbled bacon, crumbled Roquefort cheese and croutons on top.

Machus Red Fox Salad Dressing recipe is published in our July, 1989 Menu Minder, Issue #299.

Note: we do have another Machus Red Fox Salad Dressing from 2002 to view.

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