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NOTE: we have discontinued the Menu Minder for the time being. We expect to publish a cookbook in the future. Check back. Bob & Rob.

Subscriptions cost $24.00 U.S. ($28.00 U.S. in Canada or Mexico, $35.00 U.S. in all other countries) for an every other month copy of the Menu Minder which contains recipes and household hints from the previous two month's radio programs. Our year runs from November thru October and includes an index at the end of the year.

To order the Menu Minder, please print out the following order form by hitting the print button on your WEB browser. Fill in the appropriate information, and enclose a check or money order in the amount of $24.00 U.S.($28.00 U.S. funds in Canada and Mexico; $35.00 U.S. in all other countries) and mail to:

Bob Allison


21700 Northwestern Hwy., Suite 1190

Southfield, MI.



Please fill out information below (if this is a gift, include the name and address of the reciepient):

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Each year starts with the November issue, goes through October and will include the proper index for all 12 or 6 issues of that year. To order the current year, you would tell us to start you with the Nov. issue and we will send all the issues at once with the remaining issues through Oct. as they are published. Or, if you wish, you may start with the current issue and receive a full year from that point. We have published 33 previous years of Menu Minders. You can view the contents of each year by visiting our Menu Minder Index page, the link is below.

NOTE: We do not EVER sell or give your name, address or any personal information to anyone!


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