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Thanks for participating on our site! Please read the note below and then click the submit button below the note.

We are broadcasting the radio show live on the web so you can listen for your question and see if we get an answer for you. If you can't listen to the "live" feed...we have the last 10 shows archived for you to listen to at your convenience. Please visit our home page for both links.

If you are e-mailing a question for the program, please indicate if you'll be LISTENING to the show for the answer (this the best way... we do broadcast the program live on the internet from our home page and you'll get the answer the same time we do, if we get one). Let us know who you are, and what city or country you're writing from (we have listeners from all over the world now). Include as much information as you can. For example, "I have a stain on my carpet" doesn't tell us much...
What color carpet, what is it made of, and what kind of stain is it? What have you done to try and remove the stain already? Remember, it's your question being asked on the air so include as much detailed information as you can so we can get the best answer.
If you are looking for a recipe, have you gone through the index pages (that's where we have posted all the available recipes we have published to date...this could save you some time). Please remember that we may not get a response from the neighbors concerning your question.

You can listen to the radio broadcast, the live internet stream of the show or listen to the last 10 shows on the archives for your question to be read...and to see if we get an answer from the neighbors for you.
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