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Cookbook index number twelve is full of recipes called into the show in the 60's. So if you're looking for some good old home cookin', this is the place. If you wish to purchase this cookbook, please use the handy link at the bottom of the page named "order back issues". Thanks, Bob & Rob.


Beet Wine #1 Beet Wine #2 Cranberry Punch Egg Nog Krupnik Rhubarb Wine Sham Champagne Whiskey Sour Mix

Apricot Nut Bread Aunt Evelyn's Zucchini Nut Bread Banana Tea Muffins Basic White Bread Butter Bread Challah Chocolate Zucchini Bread Croutons Date Nut Bread Hush Puppies Jelly Doughnuts Lunch Sticks Natural Bran Muffins Peach Dumplings Rye Bread

Angel Food Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake Applesauce Cake Banana Cake Carrot Cake Cherry Nut Shortcake Chocolate Celebration Cake Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake Crumb Cake Dump Cake Golden Butter Cake Moist Dark Chocolate Cake Molasses Cake Oatmeal Cake Peanut Butter Cupcakes Pork Cake Pudding Cake Sheet Cake Spice Cake West Haven Cake

Barleduc Jam Canned Tomatoes Chow Chow Cucumber Crisp Dill Pickle Slices Dorothy's One Day Pickles French Mustard Pickles Frozen Pickle Chips Green Tomato Mincemeat Lime Jelly Piccalilli Pickled Beets Pumpkin Preserves Strawberry Jam

Babe Basic Sweet Yeast Dough Fruit Topped Coffee Cake No Knead Coffee Cake Nut-Filled Kifles

Cake Mix Cookies Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Children's Cookies Cocoa Drop Cookies Coconut Oatmeal Cookies Date Bars Date Filled Oatmeal Cookies Easter Lilies Fattijman Hershey Bar Nut Cookies Lady Fingers Lebkuchen Rounds No Bake Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Cookies Papatelli Passover Brownies Pecan Crescents Scotch Shortbread Scrunchies Sugar Cookies Tender Peanut Butter Cookies Toll House Cookies

Apple Crisp Apple Nut Dessert Baked Alaska Black Forest Cherry Torte Blueberry Cheese Cake Boiled Custard Canole Carrot Pudding Cream Puffs Custard Rice Pudding Easy Cheese Cake Grape Nuts Pudding Rhubarb Crumbs Strawberry Bavarian

Butter Frosting Caramel Frosting Caramel Fudge Frosting Chocolate Fluff Frosting Chocolate Frosting Creamy Frosting Crisco Frosting Corn Starch Pudding Frosting Fudge Icing Marshmallow Frosting Marshmallow Icing Soft Chocolate Frosting

Arlene's Spaghetti Sauce Barbecued Meat Chicken a la Queen Chicken and Rice a la Can Can Chicken Rice Casserole Chili Company Casserole Crabmeat Casserole Easy Spaghetti Sauce Egg Foo Yung Goulash Hacienda Dinner Hamburger Noodle Casserole Ham Loaf Hamwiches Hasenpfeffer Italian Spaghetti Sauce Kielbasa Liver Loaf Macaroni and Cheese Macaroni and Meat Casserole Margie's Sausage Stuffing Oyster Marinade Pennywise Supper Pepper Steaks Perfect Meat Loaf Pizza Burgers Pizza Pie Polish Meatballs Poor Man's Chop Suey Sauerkraut Meatballs Shrimp Casserole Spanish Rice Stuffed Beef Heart in Casserole Sweet and Sour Pork Tuna Croquettes Tuna Tomato Treat "Zrazy"

Applejack Buttermint Squash Pie Butterscotch Pie Cherry Pie Cottage Cheese Pie Cream Cheese Pie Crust Dutch Apple Pie Espanada de Fruta Flaky Hot Water Pie Crust Lemon Chiffon Pie Lemon Custard Pie Meringue Shells Oatmeal Pie Ozark Pie Peanut Butter Cream Pie Pineapple Pie Raspberry Pie Rhubarb Crumble Sand Tarts Sour Cream Raisin Pie Sour Milk Pie Strawberry Pie Strawberry Pie with Orange Juice Sweet Potato Pie Whole Plum Pie

Celery Seed Dressing French Dressing Maurice Salad Dressing Roquefort Dressing Sweet and Sour Dressing

Cabbage and Onion Salad Carry Along Salad Corned Beef Salad Diane's Grated Carrot Salad Ginger Ale Fruit Mold Grandma's Hot German Potato Salad Hot Mashed Potato Salad Raspberry Gelatin Salad Sauerkraut Salad Striped Gelatin Salad White Bean Salad

Barbecue Sauce for chicken Coney Island Sauce Hot Fudge Sauce Mint Sauce Poncho Sauce Vanilla Sauce

Cheese Popcorn Chocolate Cream Corn Granola Snack Homemade Peanut Butter Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes Jello Popsicles Joe's Beef Jerky Mirrored Apples on a Stick Peanut Butter Candy Roasted Chestnuts Vanilla Ice Cream

Cold Cherry Soup Corn Chowder Country Vegetable Soup Cream of Mushroom Soup Egg Drop Soup Gazpacho Soup Hungarian Bean Soup Lentil Soup Lima Bean Soup Mongole Soup New England Clam Chowder Ox Tail Soup Rival Soup

Baked Beans Baked Egg Plant Carrot Loaf Fireman's Scalloped Potatoes German Potato Balls Green Bean Casserole Grilled Corn on the Cob Polish Sauerkraut Potato Pancakes Wild Rice Casserole

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