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These are the offerings from section ten. All the recipes below were taken from the radio show, and are listener tested. To own a copy of these recipes please use the "order back issues" link at the bottom of this page. Thanks, Bob & Rob.


Baked Cheese Balls Cheese Ball Chicken Liver Chicken Liver Paste Holiday Meat Ball Olive Cheese Snacks Tuna Appetizers

Cafe Au Lait Cappuccino Coffee Champagne Cider Champagne Punch Dandelion Wine Hot Beer Drink Hot Mocha Mix Kahlua Lemon-Lime Julep Mary's Punch No-Name Punch Penny Punch Pink Velvet Drink Pot D' Creme Sangria Punch Swiss Mocha Coffee Mix Wassail Bowl Yellow Bird

Angel Biscuits Boch Beer Bread Bread Sticks Butter Crisp Rolls Cheese Bread Colonial Sugar Biscuits Country Crust White Bread Dark Rye Bread Doughnuts Helen's Nut Bread Hungarian French Bread Mandel Brodt No-Fry Doughnuts Paula's Basic Bread Potato Bread Pumpkin Doughnut Raisin Bread Rum Buns Spoon Bread Sugar-Lemon Sweet Bread Texas Corn Bread White Bread

Apple Butter Spice Cake Apple Tea Cake Banana Cake Blitz Cake Brown Sugar Fudge Layers Chocolate Pound Cake Cottage Cheese Cheese Cake Date Oatmeal Cake Dry Cottage Cheese Cheese Cake Fresh Orange Cake German Chocolate Cake Graham Cracker Cake Irish Pork Cake Jewish Apple Cake Lady of Charm Cheese Cake Lemon Chiffon Pudding Cake Lemon Pudding Cake Norwegian Royal Cake Polish Cheese Cake Rhubarb Cake

Aggie's Easy Dill Pickles Chili Sauce Corn Cob Jelly Edith's Cucumber Relish Foolproof Kosher Dills Fresh Pineapple Jam Frozen Bread and Butter Pickles Gram's Pear Honey Italian Red Hot Peppers Marge's Hungarian Sun Pickles Mushrooms Phyllis' Green Tomato Mincemeat Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam Sauerkraut In a Crock Spiced Apples Sugarless Jam Uncooked Tart Cherry Jam Wine Jelly

Amish Apple Strudel Baklava Cardamon Coffee Cake Cool Rise Sweet Dough Coffee Cake Detroit Public Schools Coffee Cake Fruit Stollen From Frankenmuth German Coffee Cake Hungarian Apple Strudel Puff Pillow Coffee Cake Quick Coffee Cake

Adele's Cookie Press Cookies Almond Crescent Cookies Apricot Bars Aunt Jenny's Brown Rim Cookies Banana Oatmeal Cookies Brownie Drops Chinese Chews Chocolate Chip Bars Chocolate Rum Snowballs Coconut Shortbread Easy Cookies Easy Date-Filled Cookies Gingerbread Hamtramck Pineapple Bars Havreflarn Helen's General Cookie Recipe Helen's Pass Again Cookies Helen's Swedish Ice Box Cookies lsabel's Blueberry Cookies Mama's Apricot Delight M & M Cookies No-Bake Orange Cookies Pecan Pie Surprise Bars Spellbinders Cookies Three-Layer Bar Cookies Whiskey Cookies

Angel Fluff Baked Cranberries Banana Pudding Betsy Carlson's Apple Crisp Bread Pudding Canolli # 1 Canolli # 2 Chocolate Eclairs Cottage Pudding Country Vanilla Ice Cream Egg Custard Farm Journal Ice Cream French Fried Ice Cream Frozen Strawberry Cake Jiffy Cake Dessert Lee's 7-Layer Jello Dessert Maple Sugar Dessert Marshmallow Roll Old-Fashioned Tapioca Cream Philadelphia Ice Cream Pudding Cake

Awrey's Buttercream Icing Basic Custard Filling Bobi's Very Rich Mocha Frosting Buttercream Frosting Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Coconut-Nut Icing Hungarian Style Chocolate Frosting Philadelphia Cream Cheese Topping Prune Cake Icing Simple Caramel Frosting Soft Chocolate Frosting

Baked Macaroni Goulash Barbecued Spareribs Cantonese Betsy Carlson's Salmon Loaf Chee Kufta Chicken Paprikash Chop Suey With Veal Corn Dog Corning Beef Easy "Mac" in Skillet Eugene's Leftover Turkey French Meat Pie Frosted Sandwich Loaf Gertrude's Easy Casserole Gloria's Sloppy Joe Golden Chicken Nuggets Hot Ham and Swiss Sandwich Italian Spaghetti Sauce Mushroom Beefburgers Paula's Crumb Coating Pearl Bailey's Macaroni and Cheese Russian Wolfburgers Standing Rib Roast Western Sandwich

Blueberry Pie Butter Tarts Coconut Cream Pie Custard Applesauce Pie Esther's Pie Crust Esther's Pumpkin Pie Gooseberry Pie Impossible Pie Lemon Pie Cake Millionaire's Pie Peach Pie Raisin Pie Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Banana Cream Dressing Basic Garlic Dressing Blue Cheese Dressing Celery Seed Dressing Vinegar and Oil Dressing

Apple Carrot Slaw Chicken Salad With a Twist Chinese Rice Salad Corned Beef Gelatin Loaf Cottage Cheese Jello Egg Nog Gelatin Mold Lime Jello Salad Maurice Salad Pea and Peanut Salad Rumanian Eggplant Salad, Seafoam Salad Waldorf Salad With Red Cabbage

Basic Pizza Sauce Brandied Fruit Sauce Cauliflower Dip Great Dip Honey Glaze for Ham Lemon Butter Lemon Sauce Low Calorie Butter Plum Sauce Rum Butter Sauce

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge "it" Mamie Eisenhower's Million Dollar Fudge Pumpkin Seeds

Beef Barley Soup Bland Vegetable Soup Grandma's Prune Soup Hot Beer Soup Instant Potato Soup Mushroom Soup

Au Gratin Potatoes Broasted Potatoes Cheese Scalloped Corn Cheesed Onions French Fried Green Pepper Rings Herc's "Hash Browns Jean's Summer Zucchini Pickled Beets Red Cabbage Spinach Soufflé

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