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If I say Silver Oak, you'll say Cabernet Sauvignon and I'll say darn right! Silver Oak Vineyards are KNOWN for a "big old Cab". The vineyard founder Ray Duncan's single goal: to create a Cabernet Sauvignon that would be deliciously drinkable upon release, yet worthy of cellaring for years to come. I believe they hit the royal pay dirt! The present release cabs are something you simply must try...the library wines, well, I only had the time to taste a couple as they were about to close for the day. Let me put it this way - the next time I go back, I will get there much earlier in the afternoon, and I am looking forward to exploring the library wines! Natalie poured for us and later I got to meet tasting room manager Tom Walsh. He's the kind of person you meet and want to turn around the next day and go back to see all over again. The new tasting room takes your breath away and I must admit that I did not get the chance to take the full tour. Tom, thanks for your hospitality and yes, I can't wait to return to Silver Oak Cellars. They shared a great steak recipe with us and I can't think of anything that would go better with a bottle of Silver Oak Cab!.

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