Peju Winery.


The Peju family has married wine and art and a little bit of theater for a show stopping visit. The art outside and throughout the winery makes this more than a stop-and-go tasting. You will want to enjoy the grounds. Many people brought out a bottle and just enjoyed the grounds while we were there. The wines are very good and yes, you will have to taste each of them to formulate which ones are your favorites. Scott was the gentleman conducting the tasting at Peju and every winery in Napa should take note...hire a guy like Scott! He is in the theater and conducts an informational and informal smilefest for the Peju family. You will want to take your video-cam here and record your tasting. Put Peju on your list of must see wineries while in Napa. You can buy Peju wines at their web site must also try the sweet garlic mustard they make!!!! Rob.

Flowers at Pejustatue at PejuScott, the master!

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