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We arrived late, near closing, on our last day and were greeted by a team of employees that you would be honored to have working for you. Jennifer welcomed us into Paraduxx and made us feel like we were long lost best-friends come to visit. We were given a tour around the stunning Paraduxx tasting rooms. I would love to have a dining room decked out like the Paraduxx tasting table as it alone is a room that inspires you. Paraduxx is another winning idea from the Duckhorn winery who also craft Goldeneye and Canvasback wines. I love the labels that Paraduxx uses and have wanted to taste their wines for quite some time. I had them, as well as Duckhorn, on my list of wineries I wanted to visit and was very glad we were able to end our stay with the fine folks at Paraduxx (It was too late for us to make it to Duckhorn before closing, but will make that the next visit). They put out a tray for our tasting that any still artist would die to paint (see the middle picture below and it was served at the table in the last picture). Jeffery served us a 2007 Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc to start that Judy fell in love with and the Paraduxx reds from 2004-2006 had me from "hello"! We were served a cheese that went very well with the wines we enjoyed called Mimolette. Serve this cheese at your next wine tasting at home and thank the people at Paraduxx vineyards for making the choice, it was wonderful with both the white and red wines we had, they also served a cheese called San Joaquin Gold which was fabulous but honestly, I was smitten with that Mimolette! Take the time to visit Paraduxx when you are in Napa...or try a bottle when you see it at your favorite wine store. Really!

The dining table at Paraduxx.The fantastic wines and cheeses from Paraduxx.getting ready to taste the fine wines at Paraduxx.

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