Picture of Rob in front of very large wine vats.

Napa Valley was not a vacation...it was pure heaven!

If you like wine, you really owe it to yourself to visit California's Napa Valley. To see the vineyards, experience the wineries, touch the grapes, taste the wines and food, hear the stories, meet the people and learn the process will give you a new understanding that seems to make you whole.

Finally, the opportunity to visit the Napa Valley area and taste the wines that I have been drinking and collecting for many years now. Now when I pull out a bottle of Napa Valley wine in my cellar I have a chance to visualize the wineries, tasting rooms, vineyards and people that make up each winery. The profiles of flavors from the wines I was able to experience in the tasting rooms, and knowledge I now possess of the "other" wines I tried there...many only available at the wineries themselves, has made me a much better "wine guy". Yes you will want to join the wine clubs that are offered at your favorite vineyards and purchase some of their specialty wines only available through them (I will share much more on this as this area of our web site gets posted).

I wanted a place to stay in Napa that had a full kitchen because I was definitely going to be cooking during the 10 days we were there. We found a wonderful condo-style place beside the Meritage Resort in Napa called Vino Bello it is a Shell Vacation Resort and the room knocked our socks off. The people who work there took it to the top! Our Concierge, Rosemary, helped us set up an Itinerary for the stay and helped book us into wineries. She was responsible for introducing us to The Frias family and to Vic Bourassa. These are off the beaten path and were some of our favorite places in Napa valley.

Many of the neighbors have asked me when I would post the information of my trip to Napa Valley. I was going to put it all together and post it all at once but I see that this is going to take a bit of time to complete. Per your requests I will post it piece-by-piece starting with the Napa Valley Wine Train. The list below will fill with links as I have them ready so please keep checking back!
Thanks, Rob.

This is the list of the places we were able to visit:

Cakebread Cellars
Silver Oak
Frias Family Wines
The Napa Valley Wine Train
Stag's Leap Cellars
San Francisco