Rob With Manny Sr.


We were to visit 3 wineries that day...once we met Manny Sr. and Manny Jr., owners of Frias family wines on Spring Mountain, we were not going anywhere else that day! We blew off the other wineries we were suppose to visit because this is the way visiting a vineyard is suppose to be...personal. It was a fantastic 6 hour experience. You are always told that you have to visit the small wineries that are off the beaten path, those jewels, that you have to be "in-the-know" to find, and it's true! We loved their wines, the time they took with us and the knowledge they shared, especially with me. Frias Vineyards ranch consists of 100 acres of land with 20 some acres currently planted with vines. From the Rose to the Reserve Cabernet...they are special. I will be looking into finding a way to get these wines to you here in our area. Check back. - Rob.

Manny Frias Jr. And Rob Jr.Manny Sr. And Rob at the top of Frias vineyards.You have to try one of these Frias wines!

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