Rob and Vic Bourassa.


Rosemary our concierge at the Vino Bello/Meritage did it again when she said we must visit this small winery in Napa that was not a household name...but should be. She quite simply, was right again! Thanks Rosemary. We went the Bourassa tasting room and were immediately greeted by Vic Bourassa. I have to tell you that his personality is just as gracious as his warm hand shake and smile. One of the good guys out there. Vic is one of those guys that is as committed to the Napa valley as he is to his own wines. You will constantly see his name at many charities and community functions, but I digress, you will want to taste his wines too! He left us in the very capable hands of assistant winemaker Efrain (here is how Vic describes Efrain at the Bourassa web site: "Vic Bourassa of Bourassa vineyards was in need for a Marketing Director and decided to recruit Efrain. On January 1st 2008, he started working for us and boy! are we happy to have him. He runs the Direct Sales and Marketing department and even scrubs the floors!") I think Efrain does a bit of everything and I can't begin to tell you how pleasant it was to have him to talk to. He gave me so much information in addition to the Bourassa vineyards and wine making in general that I just want to say if you can get an audience with Efrain you are going to have the opportunity to learn a lot!. We bought a few of the wines there and I will be looking into finding a way to get the Bourassa wines to us here in the midwest. Make an appointment to visit Vic and Efrain at Bourassa vineyards when you visit Napa valley, you will be glad you did. Tell them Rob Allison sent you...(and Rosemary from the Vino Bello).

Rob and Efrain at Bourassa tasting room. Inside the Bourassa tasting rooms. Rob tasting right from the barrel.

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